Monthly Virtual Challenge Registration

New Flying RhinoFit Fatties Monthly Virtual Challenges are a chance to motivate yourself, and reward yourself for a job well done! Each month you have another chance to complete events and get fabulous rewards. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose Your Event(s) – There are three events: 5k, 10k and 25k.  You can register for one, two or all three events, and events can be done using any activity and by tracking either distance or time. They can be done all at once, or across several workouts.
  2. Complete events using DISTANCE or TIME
    • Choose any activity (one activity per event)
    • Complete each event using either distance (i.e. swim a total of 5k or roll your wheelchair a total of 10k) or using time (15 minutes is equal to 1k, so a 5k is equal to 1.25 total hours, 10k is equal to 2.5 hours, and 25k is equal to 6.25 hours.)
    • You can complete each event all at once or over several workouts.
  3. Post your Event Picture – In order for your event to be counted, you just post a picture of you finishing the event to the Fit Fatties Facebook Group (the post must start “Fit Fatty Virtual Event Complete”), or e-mail it to (If you prefer not to take a picture of yourself, get creative!)
  4. Enjoy your Bragging Rights and Bling – There are two options for registration. “Bragging Rights” gets you a listing on the online Winners’ Circle and a personalized certificate e-mailed to you. “Bling Me” gets you the listing, certificate, AND a gleaming die-cast medal. Choose your level and register below:

Bragging Rights:
Includes posting on our online Winners’ Circle and a snazzy emailed certificate perfect for sharing via social media.

One Event:  $5 Click here to register!
Two Events:  $8  Click here to register!
Three Events: $10 Click here to register

Bling Me:|
Includes posting our online Winners’ Circle, a snazzy emailed certificate PLUS a gleaming diecast finisher’s medal.

One event:  $20 Click here to register!
Two events: $30 Click here to register
Three events:  $35 Click here to register

Registration closes on the 10th of the month!

Questions?  You can check out our FAQ and/or e-mail ragen at danceswithfat dot org and she will be happy to help.

Liability Waiver:  by registering you are acknowledging your awareness and assumption of all risks associated with your participation. You are certifying that you are medically and physically fit to compete safely in the events that you choose, and you are agreeing to hold harmless the Fit Fatties Forum, Ragen Chastain and Jeanette DePatie for any outcomes of your participation.


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