Fit Fatties Virtual Events

Are you looking for a fun movement challenge? Do you wish you had some exercise buddies for support? Do you want to try fitness events without the pressure of being in an organized race? Or are you just looking for an event with the epic level of coolness required to inspire you?

Well wait no longer, because the Fit Fatties Forum is excited to announce the next Fit Fatties Virtual Challenge!  This is our third challenge and we’ve tweaked the program to make it even bigger and even better!

The Fit Fatty Virtual Events (FFVE) allow you to set goals and celebrate achievements in a way that works just for you. Train for and complete virtual events any way you like – join an organized race, or complete the events alone or with a group of friends in your neighborhood or at the gym–whatever works for you!

And these aren’t just any events. Oh no. The FFVE feature both traditional and way-out-of-the-box events! You can even create your own event and have it added to the list.

Below you’ll find a list of events. You can choose to complete a decathlon or double decathlon for even more prizes and bragging rights.

We encourage people of all dis/abilities to participate so please feel free to modify any of the below events to work for you, if you have questions about this please e-mail

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How it works:

Here is how it will work:  Events are divided into 6 categories, each of which has 10 events (for the events scroll all the way to the bottom).  You can choose any of the events, in any category, to complete your quintathlon, decathlon, or double decathlon.  In addition, you can earn Fit Fatties Flair for completing the following:

Outdoorsy – at least three events from the outdoor category
Indoorsy – at lest three events from the indoor category
Traditionalist – at least three events from the swim/bike/run/roll category
Outside Looking Out – at least three events from the out of the box category
Dancey Stretchy Cool – at least three events from the dance and yoga category
Team Player – at least three events from the Team category
Category Killer – complete all 10 events in one category (can get flair for each category completed)
All Over the Place – complete at least one event from every category
I Can’t Believe I Did the Whole Thing – complete all events (after the first 20, all the rest are free!)

Get in on the action – register here!

For an event to qualify:

1. Take a picture and/or video of you participating or completing the event (selfies are completely fine, if you prefer not to be in the photo feel free to get creative). In this photo you must include the fit fatties finishers sign. (To print your sign, click on the picture of one of the signs below and print from your browser.  Remember select “landscape mode” in your printer settings so you can print the sign in all its bigness and glory.)

2. Post your photo to the Fit Fatties Facebook Page ( starting the post with “Virtual Event Complete”  (That will solve the problem of people’s posts getting buried before we see them). We’ll will get your photo up on this site and the forum and update your position on the leader board!



Register Here!

Events (as always we encourage you to modify events to work for you!)

Category 1 – The Great Outdoors

  1. I Swam It!  (Swim across any body of water and take pictures on either side.)
  2. Take a Hike (Enjoy at least a mile of the great outdoors.)
  3. Work it in the Yard! (raking, gardening, cutting and stacking firewood, landscaping etc.)
  4. Swish Swish (Cross-country ski  for 60 minutes or 1 mile)
  5. Talking Trash – clean up trash in your neighborhood for at least an hour
  6. If I Had a Shovel:  Shovel snow for at least one hour (can be broken up into segments, must be completed in the same day.)
  7. Ski the Day Away (a day of downhill and cross country skiing)
  8. Row Row Row Your… (60 minutes of canoeing, kayaking, standing up paddle boarding, rowing, surfing, body surfing of any kind.)
  9. Get classy outside – take a class outside
  10. Create your own event out doors

Category 2 – The Great Indoors

  1. Master the Machine (Use any piece(s) of exercise gear you’ve never used before for at least 60 minutes.)
  2. Set It Free (Complete a free weight workout)
  3. Lift A Ton (Lift a total of 2000 pounds, not necessarily all at once – you can complete this over a month!)
  4. Take a Tread (Enjoy at least a mile of the great indoors.  Walk on the treadmill, elliptical or other machine, or just walk around inside.)
  5. Are You Game? (Play an Active Video Game for an hour)
  6. Keep it Class-y (Take a movement class – including dvd or online- that you’ve never tried before for at least 60 minutes.)
  7. Cardio Clean (Clean vigorously for 2 hours)
  8. March on the Museum (spend 3 hours visiting a museum or other cultural public space)
  9. Cheesy Dance Craze (Walk the Dinosaur, Roger Rabbit, Kid n’ Play, Running Man, 80’s style etc. mix and match for at least 60 minutes.)
  10. Walk the Plank (Do 60 minutes of planking in one day.)

Category 3 – Swim/Bike/Walk, Run and Roll

  1. 5k walk/run/roll
  2. 10k walk/run/roll
  3. Walk/Run/Roll more than 10 – anything over 10K (please include distance in finishing picture!)
  4. Triathlon (any distance, must be completed in one day)
  5. Bike 5 miles
  6. Bike 10 miles
  7. Bike more than 10 miles (include distance in finishing post
  8. Swim 1 mile
  9. More than a Mile Swim (include distance in finishing post)
  10. Crank it Up (Do one mile using a hand crank bike–including stationary.)

Category 4 – Out of the Box

  1. Tourista! (Take a walking/rolling tour of a tourist attraction or historical area)
  2. Drama Drama Drama (Throw a full blown temper tantrum lasting at least 30 minutes.)
  3. Shop Til you Drop (Shop for three continuous hours – online doesn’t count!)
  4. Stairway to Heaven (Climb 100 stairs in one day.)
  5. Mover and Shaker – One hour or more of moving, including packing, carrying stuff to and from the car and/or unpacking (If you’re not moving yourself, you can help a friend move and get an event in!)
  6. Rope in! (Spend an hour at a climbing wall)
  7. No Team in I  (Play at least 60 minutes of an individual sport.)
  8. Push It Good (Do 100 push-ups (any style) in one day.)
  9. Squat it Out (Do 100 squats in one day.)
  10. You and You Alone (do a complete strength workout using only body weight exercises)

Category 5 – Dancing/Yoga

  1. Hoopla dancing  (60 minutes of hoop dancing)
  2. Shimmy it Out (30 minute shimmy–can switch shimmy location through event)
  3. Belly Dancing (60 minutes of dancing)
  4. Dance with Jeanette (Do a “Dance To It!” workout with Jeanette on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone.  Email for links to the free iOS App and videos!  They all count as one event.)
  5. Dance with Ragen (E-mail for the free download link.  You can do beginner, intermediate, and/or advanced routines – they all count as one event and they are all free!)
  6. Get in the Flow – 60 of work with flow toy, such as poi, staff, juggling, dance/fire fans, rola bola, balance ball, aerial silks or hoop, meteor
  7. Stretch your Boundaries (Do 90 consecutive minutes of Yoga.)
  8. Hello Sun!  (Perform 100 Sun Salutations)
  9. Hoopla counting  (25 consecutive revolutions)
  10. Water Water Everywhere – complete a water aerobics or water therapy class

Category 6 – Team Up

  1. Dog Days Aren’t Over  (Walk or play with a dog for 60 consecutive minutes.)
  2. Toddle Baby Toddle (Play full out with kid(s) under age 5 for 60 minutes.)
  3. Wheel of Fortune (Push someone else a mile in a wheelchair.)
  4. Flesh mob  (It’s like a Flash Mob only Fatter! Choreograph and practice a dance and get at least one other person to dance it with you anywhere outside your house.)
  5. No I in Team (Play at least 60 minutes of a team sport.)
  6. Frisbee frenzy: (play Frisbee for an hour)
  7. Have a ball! (Play catch for an hour)
  8. Hoop it Up (30 minutes of playing basketball – making baskets is not required!)
  9. Fit Fatty Event Take-over – take a group of people to a fitness class or event
  10. Create your own team event

Liability Waiver:

By registering, you are acknowledging your awareness and assumption of all risks associated with your participation. You are certifying that you are medically and physically fit to compete safely in the events that you choose, and you are agreeing to hold harmless the Fit Fatties Forum, Ragen Chastain and Jeanette DePatie for any outcomes of your participation.

Huge thanks to our sponsor!


Do you have to be fat to do this?

Nope! We welcome people of all sizes, our use of the word fat is about making a specific place for fat people in the fitness discussion, not about excluding people who don’t identify as fat.

Why are you charging for this?

Keeping the forum going costs money and takes time. We like the idea of a relationship where we support our members and they support the forum and get cool experiences and prizes in return. The funds from this go right back into the forum.

Are people with disabilities welcome?

Absolutely! We invite everyone to modify any existing events and to suggest your own events that work for you.

Liability Waiver: By registering, you are acknowledging your awareness and assumption of all risks associated with your participation. You are certifying that you are medically and physically fit to compete safely in the events that you choose, and you are agreeing to hold harmless the Fit Fatties Forum, Ragen Chastain and Jeanette DePatie for any outcomes of your participation.

Huge thanks to our sponsor!

20 thoughts on “Fit Fatties Virtual Events

    • You have the entire year to complete the events. The registration fees change throughout the year so you can register now for the Super Early Bird event and take as much time as you need this year to complete the events.


      • Hi Paula,

        Correct. We are actually going to do 3 Virtual Event challenges this year based on feedback from people last year. The first one goes from now until 4/30, the second one from May-August, the final one from September-December, each one will have its own set of prizes.


  1. Many of the links are broken – the sign (which was gone when I refreshed), the fb page and the forum link. That said, I am super excited about this! Love some extra challenge in my workouts!

    • Hi Melia,

      Thanks for letting me know. I’m so sorry you’re having trouble. I just tested all the links and the sign and they worked for me so I’m not sure what’s going on, I submitted a support request about it. The links are written out so if it’s still not working you could copy and paste (though I’m really sorry they’re not working) and within 24 hours of signing up you’ll get a welcome e-mail with a copy of the sign.

      I’m glad you’re excited about the decathlon!


  2. Hi! Thought I posted a question earlier but I don’t see it now. Actually two questions:
    Is work with silk veils considered a flow event? We’re gonna have two veil workshops in February. And water class – do you think completion would be one class or a month of classes? I really like this idea of putting my intentions out there!

    • Hi Ronda,

      Sorry, I thought I replied. Hi Ronda,

      The class counts as one event. If you want to do that then signing up for 10 of them at $30 would work great and you’ll get prizes and bragging rights for that 🙂 If you want to count the class as one of your decathlon events and do 9 other events as well then you could sign up for the decathlon for $25. Yes, silk scarves absolutely count as a flow toy!


  3. I can’t wait to sign up for the decathlon at the end of the month! I noticed we have all year, but do we get our super awesome tote bags of goodies as soon as we finish the decathlon?

    • We are going to order prizes quarterly starting in March. So if you plan to finish between now and June, you’ll want to make sure that you’re registered before March 1st. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.


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